Understanding Your Business.

Tailored success for the 21st century business.

Based in Auckland, TechFairy Creative represents a digital marketing company that is led by women. Our team is working to create a positive change across Aotearoa’s digital ecosystem for women in technology. We want to inspire the next generation of girl bosses into technology and leadership.

We are passionate and experienced digital marketers influenced by an exponentially changing and thriving digital economy. Our team is constantly looking for people who want to help and support diversity in the tech workplace. Let’s stay relevant in a constantly changing digital landscape!

  • Commitment


  • Passion


  • Teamwork


  • Innovation


  • Diversity


We understand the aspirations of our clients and align our strategies in accordance

Our quality service is driven by our passion- We love doing what we do!

We are honest, open, ethical, and fair and work together to maintain a positive work culture

As a 21st century digital agency, we are constantly experimenting, learning and growing

We want to inspire the next generation of leaders and thinkers- it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds to make our company succeed

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